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Storyworks is packed with contests to get your students excited about writing. And they can win awesome prizes! Find information about our current contests, including entry forms and deadlines. Learn More. View Recent Contest Winners. December 2023/January 2024 Winners; October/November 2023 Winners; September 2023 Winners; Text-to-Speech ....

5 days ago · Don’t miss our inspiring video with Maria Scrivan, the graphic novelist who created the Nat Series and this issue’s graphic Fiction story!Contests Update. Due to mailing issues, contest entries must be mailed to our NEW address below or emailed to [email protected]. We apologize for the inconvenience! (Name of contest) c/o Scholastic. Storyworks 4th Fl. 130 Mercer St. New York, NY 10012.

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Storyworks 3 plays provide a perfect opportunity for students to build fluency. Remind students that the stage directions tell a reader or actor how to say a line or perform an action in the play. Point out the words waving and panting on page 25. Read the dialogue aloud with appropriate expressions or actions. Ask students to repeat after you.Storyworks 3 is packed with contests to get your students excited about writing. And they can win awesome prizes! ... Find information about our current contests, including entry forms and deadlines. Learn More. View Recent Contest Winners. February 2024 Winners; December 2023/January 2024 Winners; October/November 2023 Winners; Text-to-Speech ...The Search for the Titanic. Watch a video read-aloud of the article. It was April 14, 1912. A new ship sped across the Atlantic Ocean. It was called the Titanic. Stars sparkled in the night sky. The sea was calm. This was the Titanic's first trip. But the ship was already famous.

Losing a Best Enemy. But after dinner, Dad brought out the pie and cut it into slices. "Dad," I said, "it's sure nice having a new friend in the neighborhood.". I was trying to tell him that Jeremy was no longer my enemy. But Dad only smiled and nodded. I think he thought I was just pretending. "Wow!". Jeremy said.May 10, 2024 · Help your students learn how to identify a story's main idea by using the resources below. First, introduce main idea to your students with our slideshow. Follow up by having them practice the skill on a Storyworks 3 story of their choosing. We offer two formats for skills practice: a guided interactive activity and a downloadable skill builder.Back to Teacher View. Student View. Skip to main content5 days ago · Due to mailing issues, contest entries must be mailed to our new address below ... (Name of contest) c/o Scholastic. Storyworks 3 4th Fl. 130 Mercer St. New York, NY 10012. Art by Jose R. Ibáñez Play, Message in the Night. In 1780, a group of spies helped the Patriots win the Revolutionary War. This play is based on their daring …Percent sign. The percent sign % (sometimes per cent sign in British English) is the symbol used to indicate a percentage, a number or ratio as a fraction of 100. Related signs include the permille (per thousand) sign ‰ and the permyriad (per ten thousand) sign ‱ (also known as a basis point ), which indicate that a number is divided by one ...

Back to Teacher View. Student View. Skip to main contentJacob's Farming Contest is an event that takes place every 3 SkyBlock days, and lasts for 20 minutes (real life time), during which three random crops from the Farming Collection are selected for players to collect. The top players who increase their collection the most earn Jacob's Tickets and unique rewards! Jacob The event lasts for 1 day in SkyBlock Time, or 20 minutes in real-life time ... ….

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"I'm swooning over our play about Perseus and Medusa. I'd love to see your students act it out!"Access this article and hundreds more like it with a subscription to Storyworks 3 magazine. Learn More Note: Due to COVID-19 and the situation here at Scholastic HQ in New York City, as well as the fact that many school buildings are closed, we will not be mailing out prizes to the Storyworks Jr. contest winners for the time being.

5 days ago · Background Builder: The Legend of the Lake Monster. You’ll be reading about a famous lake in Scotland, called Loch Ness. For more than one hundred years, people have believed that a giant monster lives in this lake. You’ll learn all about the people who….由于此网站的设置,我们无法提供该页面的具体描述。Five winners will each receive a Scholastic Store e-gift card. See our contest page for details. PLEASE NOTE: Due to mailing issues, anyone who previously mailed in a contest entry must resubmit their entry to the below address to enter the contest. Emailed entries do not need to be resubmitted. (Name of contest) c/o Scholastic. Storyworks 3 ...

all season walmart tires Write a story retelling what happens in the article from Maddee's point of view. In your story, make sure that Maddee describes her special traits and training. Send it to "Dog Contest" byThe Bone Hunter. The incredible true story of how a girl named Mary Anning made a discovery that opened up the world of dinosaurs. Featured Skill: Author's Purpose. PAIRED TEXTS. sks zwjlord i Ready, Set, Race! Penelope Fernandez had trained for months. Could she win the biggest race of her life? By Laine Falk. From the March/April 2023 Issue. Lexiles: 540L (Ready, Set, Race!), 240L (Your Turn to Read) Guided Reading Level: J (Ready, Set, Race!), H (Your Turn to Read) Featured Skill: Main Idea, Key Details.Vocabulary Slideshow: The Coldest Place. Unlock challenging vocabulary words with great visual and audio support. Resources for the December 2022/January 2023 issue of Storyworks 1. how to breed g Storyworks 2. Storyworks 2 combines thrilling texts with fun multimedia activities to bring joy and excitement to kids’ reading journeys. Each issue features genre-spanning texts ranging from fiction and non-fiction to poetry and plays, plus literacy-building skills sheets, immersive videos and digital tools designed just for Grade 2. pestanas pelo a pelorun 3 play it now at coolmath gamesopercent27reillypercent27s bethany missouri One Word, 3 Ways. Look how these lost kids use the word of the issue, heading. Kid 1: I found a very old paper with the heading “Treasure Map.”. Kid 2: I’m heading a group that’s going to find this treasure. Kid 3: But I think we’re heading in the wrong direction ! Wild Word Challenge! The word heading appears in this issue’s ... indoor outdoor carpet at lowe A hungry snake is coming. Snakes eat horned lizards! The lizard tries to blend into the sand and hide. It holds still. Too late! The snake sees it. The snake slithers closer. The lizard knows what to do. Squirt!Why perform simple, everyday tasks when you can make a complicated contraption to help you perform them? That’s the idea behind the annual contest hosted by Rube Goldberg, Inc., in... mqata sks anyfsks ba zn babasynergy auction May 20, 2024 · Scholastic Storyworks also selected two finalists from among the 600+ total entries to this year's Kid Fiction Writing Contest. Each will receive a $20 gift card for the Scholastic Store Online. They are: Madeline L., Pittsford, NY, “A Rat-ical New Friendship”. Tia M., Wayne, NJ, “A Tale of Evolution”. Congratulations to Jaron, Madeline ...See her name celebrated here – Kangaroo Contest. Be inspired by Kayleen and check out their web page Storyworks Contests . This entry was posted in Uncategorized by Mrs. Coatti .